Leading the way for over
20 years...

At aNH3 we understand how important nitrogen is to your operation, that's why for over two decades we have been building the most advanced nitrogen distribution systems in the world. For years our customers have told us that their aNH3 system is the heartbeat of their nitrogen management program and is an essential tool in achieving the accuracy and reliability they depend on.

The face of agriculture has changed dramatically over the years, it no longer makes sense to simply "over-apply" nitrogen to the field hoping to eliminate nitrogen loss. Today the cost of nitrogen is high enough that most farmers can't afford to waste it, and with excess nitrogen runoff becoming a significant threat to the environment, it makes sense to precisely apply nitrogen on every acre.

Precision placement of Nitrogen is easier said than done; aNH3 systems are designed and built to get it done. 

In the early 1990's the founders of aNH3 (being corn growers themselves) knew there had to be a better way to apply NH3 accurately. Understanding the problems associated with anhydrous application, they set out to build a product that would have several key advantages over other systems, it had to:
  • Provide equal distribution among rows
  • Allow monitoring of individual rows
  • Maintain maximum speed in cold weather
Through the years these priorities have driven our development, its why our customers can feel confident they have the best anhydrous application system in the world.

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